How long will the Aqua-Pure cartridge last?

In an average domestic application, the life could be 6-12 months between cartridge changes.

If the AP110 cartridge life is less than 6 months, the dirt load in the water being filtered will be relatively heavy. Substitution of an AP111 “medium dirt load” cartridge or modifications of the system maybe required. Where the contamination load is very heavy, two filter housings in series may provide the required results – sparkling water. The first Aqua-Pure housing fitted with an AP124 “heavy dirt load” cartridge; the second with an AP110 “normal dirt load” cartridge.

Without pre-filtration, the AP117 Taste/Odour cartridge will have about one third of the life of an AP110 Dirt/Rust cartridge in the same water supply – say 2 to 6 months. If an AP110 Dirt/Rust cartridge is used as a prefilter then the AP117 Taste/Odour cartridge will last up to twice the life of the AP110 prefilter cartridge – say up to 6 months.

Aqua-Pure filters will operate in any orientated position. However, with the sump up upside down, drainage of the filter housings has to be considered when changing cartridges.

The Aqua-Pure cartridge is efficient because it acts as a depth filter media. Contamination trapped in the depth of the cartridge is difficult to remove by back flushing. Back flushing more than once usually not effective. Once the full depth of the cartridge is blocked, the cartridge will have to be thrown away and replaced with a clean one.

A simple test can determine if an Aqua-Pure filter will be effective on your water supply. Take a glass of water and allow it to stand overnight. If contamination settles to the bottom of the glass overnight, an Aqua-Pure filter will definitely remove such contamination from the water. If the contamination does not settle, a finer filter will be required.

The cartridge should be changed when the flow rate through the filter housing falls to an unacceptable level or a maximum of 12 months.

When the taste and odour in the water returns, the absorbent properties of the cartridge are fully utilised. The cartridge should be replaced. If the AP117 Taste/Odour cartridge is used without a pre-filter, there is a possibility that the cartridge will block with dirt/rust contamination and the flow rate will become unacceptable before the taste/odour absorption is fully utilised. In this situation, installation of an Aqua-Pure Dirt/Rust prefilter will extend the life of a Taste/Odour cartridge and will reduce the total cost of continuing filtration. Maximum 12 months.

In the complete range of Aqua-Pure filters, filter units with 2 or more cartridges fitted, can be sized for higher than normal flow rate applications. Filter units for motels and industrial applications are also available.

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