Cooler Water

I was chatting with co-staff in the break region about the not too long ago set up water cooler. Most of us had been extolling the virtues and advantages of the system. I stated how great I thought it would be to be able to refill my water bottle with ice cold spring drinking water all through the day for free. I also produced a point of the truth that, when filling a bottle, I was careful to make sure that the opening of the drinking water bottle did not make get in touch with with the h2o cooler spigot. One of my colleagues asked me how I could be sure that other folks have been using the identical precaution.

It occurred to me that I could not be certain. I believed about posting a sign admonishing all to be prudent when filling water bottles. I even deemed recommending that cups be utilized rather. I never acquired about to posting the indicator but I did keep track of the way that people utilized the drinking water cooler. I located it disturbing that most of the folks, when filling their individual water bottle, authorized the opening to come into immediate make contact with with the h2o cooler spigot. One day I saw a good buddy of mine heading towards the h2o cooler. As I watched him from behind, I observed that his arm was at a ninety degree angle and I assumed he was carrying a cup.

Mike was getting up there in a long time and was just acquiring over a negative cold that stored him away from perform the previous week. Involved about his well being, I raced to intercept him. “Mike!” I shouted. “You do not want to…” Just then I seen that it was not a cup he was about to fill but a employed sixteen ounce plastic h2o bottle, its diseased opening in company make contact with with the bacteria coated spigot. “Hey, Rol”, he replied. “What’s wrong?” “Oh, uh, you never want to use the hot water…the handle is broken” I awkwardly replied.

That prompted me to publish the sign later that day: DO NOT TOUCH THE Water SPIGOT WITH YOUR Palms OR THE EDGE OF THE CONTAINER YOU ARE FILLING!

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