Brita Bottle Water Filtration System

A few days ago, my wife was shopping at Walgreen’s and came across something that she had never seen before; a water bottle from the brand Brita. At first, this bottle didn’t look any different than the rest. But, when she read the description, she learned it used the same filtration system as Brita filters and, out of curiosity, decided to spend the $10 and give it a try.

My family goes through a lot of bottled water in our house. We have clean tap water. But, as far as taste is concerned, everyone (with the exception of our youngest daughter, who doesn’t really care) seems to prefer the bottled water.

As you can imagine, that can get a bit expensive. We buy the cheaper brands (usually around $4 for a case) about once every couple of weeks. This is why the bottle my wife picked up was so intriguing. We have had other Brita filtered products before and did prefer the taste. And, the water bottle itself was a bit more convenient than a pitcher of water or one of those filters that attaches to the faucet (our faucet isn’t tall enough).

Even though I wasn’t too thrilled about the $10 price, I have to admit it was a decent investment.

It filters the water as promised, leaving it as clear tasting as some of the filtered bottled waters we buy. And, she is able to re-fill it with tap water; cutting some of our monthly costs. Even though you do have to buy replacement filters every so often, it is still cheaper than buying cases of bottled water.

There are a couple other things I like about this product. First of all, it is easy enough for both of my kids to drink from it too. In fact, our youngest daughter seems to prefer this to her sippy cups and is always stealing it from my wife. As a result, I’m thinking of buying one for each kid too (especially since they both insist on having something to drink in the middle of the night).

Another added benefit of this product is there are less empty water bottles around our house. We have mandatory recycling in our city and they don’t end up in a landfill or anything like that. But, they also only pick up recyclables every other week and I appreciate having the extra room in the bin.

If you drink bottled water, I recommend looking for this product. As I said before, it is definitely worth the money.