Brita Slim Pitcher

The Brita Slim Pitcher is a fantastic offering from the Brita line of filtration pitchers. Very inexpensive, easy to use, and easy to replace the filters. Built of high quality super strong plastics, that do not contaminate the water.

Brita has always been known for making high-quality water filtration systems, and this Slim Pitcher is no exception. This pitcher only cost me $25 dollars brand new, and came with 1 filter in the box. Very portable. It is made of super strong plastic that will never break on you, and the filtration method does a very good job to remove any harmful chemicals that can truly hurt your body.

I recently had to go without my filtration pitcher and was forced to drink tap water. For the next 3 days I watched my skin sag and become dry, I felt nauseous and dirty, and I could feel the extra chemicals within my body from the tap. It is a joy to experience. Your nails will grow cleaner, and your body will be more healthy and less toxic, your hair will be softer, you will actually experience a difference with this water purification filter. Since I am too cheap to buy an additional shower filter, I also use the filter water to bathe with, and I have experienced good results with using the filtered water to wash with. To prove it to myself, I tested it with hard/soft water test strips. The filtered water turned into soft water (no chemicals), and the tap water registered as hard (dirty) according to the test strips.

Here are a few things to remember about this pitcher. You must run water through the pitcher, just the same as if you were preparing water to drink, until the filtration slows down to drips. This is very important, otherwise, the water is not full saturating the filtration elements within the filter, and therefore not fully clean. You must keep breaking the filter in until it starts to drip slowly from the filter. The longer water is in contact with the filter, the cleaner it is. Therefore, using very cold tap water, is your best bet to keep the water in contact with the filter for the longest possible period of time. You can ever run it through a second time if you are having doubts about the purification ability in filtering it the first time through! I recommend this filtration system one hundred percent.

ZeroWater Water Filtration Pitchers

ZeroWater one of the best filtration pitchers on the market that purifies water enough to meet the FDA requirements for purified bottled water.

Like Brita pitchers, ZeroWater filtration pitchers have built-in filters that purify your drinking water. Unlike Brita, ZeroWater pitchers purify your water enough that you could bottle it and sell it as purified drinking water. The difference is that ZeroWater uses ion-exchange filters, which are more effective than the simple gravity-fed filters that most filtration pitchers use.

ZeroWater pitchers use a special patented five-step filtration process to remove all the dissolved solids in your water that change the taste and keep it from being completely pure. When you purchase your new pitcher, you also receive a free water tester, called a Total Dissolved Solids meter so you can test your normal water and the water from your new ZeroWater pitcher to see the difference for yourself. I was amazed at the amount of solids in my usual drinking water. I will never drink unfiltered water again.

ZeroWater tastes as crisp and clean as bottled water. I go to school in Massachusetts, which is known for having poor quality water. The ZeroWater filter pitcher has made it easy for me to drink only pure, clean water. The taste difference is obvious to me, and I can’t believe I was ever drinking such dirty water.

ZeroWater filter pitchers are available at several retailers, including Target and Home Depot. They are also available online from Amazon. They may seem a little bit expensive, but when the high quality of the pitcher is taken into account, the price is actually very reasonable. Once you own a ZeroWater pitcher, there is no reason to ever buy bottled water again, so you will likely end up saving much more money over time than you spend on the pitcher in the first place.

I highly recommend the ZeroWater filter pitchers. Their filters are superior to Brita and other competitors. Since clean drinking water is one of the necessities of life, I would not mind paying a hefty price to know my water is completely pure. Fortunately, ZeroWater is not very expensive and is definitely worth every penny. Buying a ZeroWater filtration pitcher will save you lots of money on bottled water.